Home Schools CSR Initiative One of the major issues that Pakistan has faced in its development is the slow growth of education. The literacy level in the country is 55%, with female literacy only 36%. Moreover, the dropout rate among children is significantly high, with females having a drop-out rate of 60%. Secondary school enrollment is also low. These poor figures reflect a society where education has not been given a high priority. This low level of literacy amongst the masses is primarily due to a lack of proper educational facilities, especially in under privileged communities. As a result, there is widespread poverty across the country. Jubilee General has collaborated with HOPE (Health Oriented Preventive Education) a Pakistan based NGO providing health and education services to marginalised communities across the country.In addition to running formal schools in Karachi, Thatta and Muzzafargarh, HOPE has an expansive network of 200 informal ‘Home Schools.’ These schools are spread nationwide, including Sindh, Punjab, KP and AJK. Many of these schools are located in remote mountainous and rural areas, where educational facilities are limited. Classes are held in the homes of the student, and are free of cost. Textbooks, notebooks and other educational material are also free of cost. These home schools target young girls, who are typically not allowed to attend formal schools due to cultural barriers. Young children that spend their time playing on the streets as a result of lack of education facilities are given an opportunity to receive basic education. HOPE runs formal schools as well as a network of 200 informal ‘Home Schools’ spread nationwide into remote and rural areas. These schools also provide an opportunity to young women to find employment as teachers, right in their own ‘mohallah’. We consider this a worthy education-cum-community cause and have collaborated with HOPE to provide schooling to some 140 students and stipend to 12 teachers and hope to extend this support in the future.

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