Well at Bittri Bheel Village in the Tharparkar Region

Bittri Bheel is a village in the Tharparkar region of Pakistan and from the top left picture, you can see what an arid land it is. The village women walk 3 miles on bare feet and on rough terrain to get their daily supply of water.

Jubilee General felt that the villagers will have immediate access to water if a well is dug there. To arrange this we provided financial assistance to Thardeep Rural Development Programme (TRDP), which is a non-profit organization in the Tharparkar district of Sindh.

TRDP’s approach is to involve the community in digging of wells, in order to gain ownership from the villagers.

Our Iqbal Qazi, Manager-Administration and Amin Aziz Manager-Claims along with driver Abdul Aziz visited Bittri Bheel Village to see the work in progress and commented that this project is the best utilization of Jubilee General’s funds given as donation, as these people (as can be seen from the pictures) have absolutely nothing by way of possessions or comfort.

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