“Soach se Taqdeer Tak” - TCF Mentor Programme

Jubilee General worked with The Citizens Foundation (TFC) for their CSR programme in 2007 when we published a book on Courtesy which was taught to students of classes III to V, and winners of a quiz that followed were awarded prizes.

Subsequently we supported there: “Educate a Child” programme and in turn we were invited to participate in their Rehbar programme to mentor students in class VIII.

As the Company’s Representative for CSR, I participated in the programme and was impressed with a well thought-out programme which progressively prepared the students to be responsible individuals and productive members of society.

Six students, as you can see in the pictures, were assigned to me and my co-mentor Nausheen Ishtiaq, Marketing Officer of P&G Pakistan at TCF’s Mauripur school.

In all, fourteen TCF schools in Karachi and three in Lahore participated in the programme with 830 eight-class students and 250 mentors from different walks of life. It was their 6th such programme in Karachi and 4th in Lahore.

Through eight well-defined milestones, we helped the students develop right kind of thinking about life and life goals as the starting point of a successful journey to adult life. Then we stressed that this should be put into action, only then it had meaning. Thereafter continue to do that action over a long period of time, so that it becomes a habit. If this habit continues over the years it will form their character which in turn will become their destiny. Seems a complex process but TCF provided us the tools to make it happen!

The students also visited Jubilee General’s Head Office to get a flavour of work environment and meet working women. They met Dr Fauzia Siddiqi, AVP-Health and Zohra Hussain Ali, AM-CU-I who both left a very positive impression on the students. They learnt from Dr Fauzia that a doctor does not only work in a hospital but can even work in an office, and young Zohra impressed them with possibility of having job and able to raise a child. What also thrilled them was the ride in the elevator which made them nervous and excited.

For me too it was a learning experience with hope that maybe Nausheen and I made a small difference in the lives of these children and they go on to make a better and happier future for themselves. - Sunnu Golwalla

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