Thalassaemia Awareness

Mr Mohammad Iqbal lost his only son Kashif Iqbal to Thalassaemia and vowed to spread its awareness to Pakistanis at all levels so that incident of the disease is minimized.

Kashif Iqbal Thalassaemia Care Centre (KITCC) was created in 1996 and they are dedicated to create awareness that Thalassaemia is a genetic disorder of the hemoglobin and is inherited from parents. That there are two types of Thalassaemia: T Major which is a disease, whereas T Minor is not a disease but those persons are carriers. Therefore they advise that pre-marriage tests are taken to prevent two T Minors into marriage and spread of the disease.

KITCC were invited by Jubilee General in December 2011 to run camps at our Head Office during which they made us aware of causes Thalassaemia and how one can prevent it, which was an eye opener for all of us.

KITCC has blood bank and laboratory at its Trust premises and mobile units for camps that they run when and where requested. At Jubilee General they also tested blood samples and provided complete blood picture of 166 employees. Out of these 33 employees voluntarily donated blood for free blood transfusion to indigent patients who come to the Centre.

The Centre as an appreciation presented certificates to the donors along with their blood group card. Jubilee General greatly appreciates the selfless work of Mr Mohammed Iqbal in not only conducting the camps but also recognizing the donors.

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