Tracking of Stolen Vehicles on Motorways & Highways

Snatching and theft of vehicles in Pakistan has now become a serious dilemma for the public and law enforcement agencies.

Considering the significance of the issue National Highways & Motorway Police (NH&MP) conducted a seminar on May 05, 2012 at Avari Towers, Karachi in partnership with the various educational institutions, National & International organizations such as Roots School system, Beaconhouse school system, NUST, Kinnaird College for Women, ILO, WHO, WWF, EDB, UET, CAP and Pakistan Red Crescent Society.

AIG (O&D), NH&MP, Mr. Farooq Azam addressed the audience with his welcome speech followed with presentation of speakers.

Mr. Qamar Azam, Chief Operating Officer, Perfect Transport Network (PTN), Karachi, was the first to shed light on the issues being faced by the business community at large with his topic: “Car Theft – Loss to Business”.

Mr. Pervez Ghias, Chief Executive Officer, Indus Motor Company Limited, Karachi shared “The Present & Future of Anti Car Theft Devices” highlighting some serious issues being faced by automobile industry and the measures which are being taken by his company in reducing theft incidents.

Engr. Farida Essa, General Secretary, Consumers Association of Pakistan (CAP), Karachi pointed out “Car Theft – Consumers View” in her detailed presentation and also raised problems faced by consumers because of poor services provided by some vehicle tracking companies and concluded with the idea that the ultimate bearer was the consumer after each & every theft incident.

The topic “Car Theft – Current Scenarios & Preventions” was taken up by Mr. Usman Ghani Siddiqui, SSP Operations, Anti Car Lifting Cell, Karachi, PSP, PPM. In his presentation he highlighted the objective of creating ACLC, measures taken by them, theft statistics,city exit routes e.t.c

Mr. Ahmed Chinoy, Chief CPLC, Sindh discussed “The Role of CPLC in monitoring and tracking of vehicles”. In this presentation he described some important topics including the role of CPLC, efforts being taken by CPLC to coordinate with CDGK/ ACLC/ NH&MP, improvements in vehicles registration process such as standardization of number plates for motorcycles e.t.c.

Pakistan Television Network (PTV) provided media coverage to this very enlightening and informative session organized by National Highway Authority & Motorway Police.


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